Tom Dwan Can’t Believe Russian Poker Player Fold Four of a kind

Tom Dwan Can’t Believe Russian Poker Player Fold Four of a kind


Coincidentally, Bowker is not the only player who discarded 4 at the WSOP. In the 2012 WSOP $1 million buy-in one drop event, Russian semi-professional player Mikhail Smirnov abandoned his 4 8s when facing all-in on the river.
Tom Dwan


According to Smirnov’s description, Tom Dwan first raised to 32,000 in this hand, Smirnov called from the small blind with 8♥ 8♦, and John Morgan called from the big blind.


On the floop of J♠ 8♣ 7♠, Smirnov bet 50,000, Morgan called quickly and Dwan folded.

Turn & River

On the 8♠ turn, Smirnov bet 200,000 and Morgan called in seconds. Smirnov said Morgan looked particularly excited on the turn. On the river K♠, Smirnov bet 700,000. After a short period of thought, Morgan’s 3.4 million full pressure. Smirnov then discarded 4 of 8.

Later, the reporter interviewed Smirnov what he thought at the time. He said: "If Morgan did not re-raise with JJ and KK in BTN before the flop, then he may have a full house K or a full house J. If he has a full house 7, he Only calls on the river. Morgan can’t be a bluff, because he likes to play tournaments and he’s not a professional poker player. I don’t think I have a chance to win, plus he was so excited on the turn (he might There is a straight flush)."


According to Smirnov's speculation, Morgan's card may be 10♠ 9♠.


Philip Galfond who was present said: "I have never seen a fold like this. This is the craziest hand I have ever seen." And Dwan didn't believe his eyes at all when he left the table...
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