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Deposit Withdraw Methods

Texas Poker Online

heyhy.net offers many options for both deposits and withdraws to make the experience of playing texas poker online as convenient as possible:

For Malaysian: All Bank Transfer Are Accepted.


We strongly encourage all players to utilize BITCOIN / USDT as a means of deposit and withdraw to avoid potential account closures, sending limits, receiving limits, and security.

(Coinbase.com makes it easy for beginners to purchase & send Bitcoin, here is a 2-minute tutorial on how to use it: https://youtu.be/gPH5kNq00kg

Cashapp also lets you convert your cashapp funds into BTC & then send it out. Here is a 1minute tutorial on that: https://youtu.be/jZrJROnxAdc)

For Asia country kindly use Huobi.




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To make a deposit or to inquire about any online club offered here on Ernest.HY Poker, please contact us directly:


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