Make Money Poker Online (2021), Does It Work?

Make Money Poker Online (2021), Does It Work?


This is a great question for every single newbie poker player who want to start their online poker journey due to this COVID 19 Lockdown situation or any reason.

First thing first,

Before you figure out how to make money poker online, you need to consider somethings while you rush in the pot of online poker.

  • Do you play any poker before?
  • Have you prepare to learn more knowledge?

Make money in online poker is not gambling, you need skills and knowledge to archive your targets.

  1)Where to learn?

I suggest you to follow some poker players master class (Example Negreanu Poker masterclass)

Not advertisement but at least you need to learn before you play.

Dont’ think that lucks will always follow you, not everyday Sunday.

  2)Play some free poker games.

You will gain some confidence while you learning, and you wanna give it a try to prove the time that you spend for learning Poker. There is plenty of apps outside to play some freeroll games. Such as Pokerbros.

Make Money Poker

Feel free to find other apps that make you satisfy.

  3)Set a target.

You have to admit there is something called “Talent” in this world. Set a target for yourself. I will suggest you set Date, Budget, Winning .

Why? If you only have $1,000 in your bank account, you should not all in $1,000 into Poker. Bros, trust us, this will become gambling instead of enjoy pokering.

I always set a target for myself.

$100 as budget and winning $500 in 2 weeks. If I fail? I will take a rest, works more, and learn more and prepare for the next target.

We are not professional Player, learn before you play, that it.

If you want gambling and all in every time, go for slot game and casino. You can bet there until you lose all your money without using any brain. Just pray.

 4)Ready to deposit.

Beware of scam outside.

One of my players create a review video for us. In the end of the video, I talk about scam.
Watch it,

and now there is 3 apps I would like to recommend you to make money poker online with

Which is Pokerbros, Upoker, PPPoker.

Deposit is as easy as you eat. Checkout the Deposit Methods.

Still not understand. Click the telegram button below, and chat with me, I will guide you step by step.



Brothers and sisters, I don’t like my player become gambler. Learn, practice and train your skills, prepare everything and start make money poker in online.

Thank you for reading.



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