Daniel Negreanu three-games winning streak was interrupted and lost $130K in a single game​

Daniel Negreanu three-games winning streak was interrupted

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Do you follow Daniel Negreanu three-games winning streak ?

The battle of the century between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk has been one of the most interesting events in the poker circle. And the two did not disappoint, bringing fans more than 30 exciting heads-up matches.

Earlier this week, we all knew that the two-game winning streak in the 31st and 32nd rounds of the heads-up match allowed Daniel Negreanu to win a total of more than 400,000, and nearly half of his million losses in the game. But in the end, Doug Polk led the way with a profit of $565,708. Everyone is eager to see Daniel Negreanu can win several consecutive victories.

So, on Wednesday, the two ushered in the 33rd round of the match between them. Daniel Negreanu may be trying to induce Doug Polk to play a higher variable style, and often take long exams at the beginning. Doug Polk retired from the table about 35 minutes after the start of the game in protest. In the end, the game restarted under the mediation of Phil Galfond.
After the end of 560 hands, Daniel Negreanu still lost $136,239, losing three consecutive victories. There are only 5,078 hands left, and Daniel Negreanu has a total loss of $701,948.

In the post-match interview, Daniel Negreanu explained his reasons for delaying time. " I mainly want to defend against Polk's limp strategy, but also need more time to think about his own decision." After all, Doug Polk has played a new and confusing style.

Delaying time is obviously not helpful to Daniel Negreanu. He may have ignited the flames of his opponent. After losing this round of competition, Daniel Negreanu's already slim chance of winning became even smaller. For the audiences, this game is really a complete torture.

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