5 Quick tips for newbie poker players

newbie poker player could face some problems while they start playing

How can I improve myself as a rookie/newbie poker player?

Are you a newbie poker player? Do you want to become a better player in world of poker? follow ernestpoker•hy 5 quick tips to improve your skill.

1.Fold more than play more

most of the newbie poker player love play all their hands, but remember bros, poker is not gambling, do not let other peoples know what are you thinking

2.Do not play while you drunk

We see so many player lose all of their chips while they drunk this few years, you can drunk only playing with your friends only for entertaining.
Focus and take a look to your opponents will make you win the game with higher percentage
this is a fish

3.Bluff with your brain

Yeah, bluff is one of the part of poker, but don’t think you are smarter than others, video of Tom Dwan only show his early game, he is not good as before right now, you need to plan more before you bluff more. More information you get, easier bluff you will success
bluff or not bluff? comment below

4.Control you emotion while you’re playing

yes, you must and you need to control your emotion, every player will got bluffed, even newbie or pro, the difference between you and professional is they can control and focus into next hands. stay clear, ooen your eyes, and wait for your chance

5.Play at a rookie online platform rather than become a fish on the table

contact us to ply in our club and choose the right table, we will recommend you the table that you could ply if you are a rookie player, Good Luck!



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