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My path to poker agent.

Chapter 1, life struggle

Before 2017, I am a freelance web and apps developer, I work so hard to try to archive my dream, and slowly lost my motivation and energetic, because of not making any money at all. I can’t buy my girlfriends any present in anniversary. Maybe some of you can feel me…
The money is only let me survive but I can’t see any growth in my business nor my life.

Chapter 2, turning point

2019 September, there is a turnaround.. COVID start to spread around the world, and all of my website requirement online casino website.I reject all of these before this pandemic, no reason, just reject to do something like this.But in 2020, I meet my best friend, buddy, brother, Mr.R (sorry must keep his name cause he quite famous). He play lot of live poker and also own a online poker club, he explain what the difference of casino and poker to me.And I go for some research as well, professional poker player and the gambler. Turn out that I was so wrong thinking poker is actually a player only have downswing but not losing in long term, this is completely difference with casino, but poker need talent, passion which I lack off, that the main reason I decide to become a online poker agent.

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